Welcome to Bubblenetter and thank you ACS!

September 1, 2014

Welcome to Bubblenetter

I feel incredibly honored to represent the American Cetacean Society at the biennial International Whaling Commission conference this September in Portoroz, Slovenia. Realizing one of the best ways to affect positive change is through education and public awareness, I couldn't be more excited to attend the IWC meeting with the responsibility to disseminate critical information and the decisions made that will shape whale conservation over the coming years.

I will be journaling the accounts of each day's events online in order to make the conference available to the public and give ACS members an inside account. With the recent ruling from the International Court of Justice against Japan's "scientific whaling" program, Greenland's request for an increased aboriginal subsistence whaling quotas, and Iceland's increase in whaling activity, this year's meeting will be a crucial moment for cetacean conservation worldwide. Given ACS's tireless effort to promote conservation of whales, our presence at the IWC increases the solidarity of the anti-whaling NGOs.

Stay tuned and check back daily for updates.


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Ken SextonDivya SivaramanLynette Koftinow
Betty and Terry BorgJanet and Joe Faina
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...and everyone else that contributed to make my attendance at the IWC possible